Aaron Cecchini-Butler
Aaron Cecchini-Butler, UX Research / UI Design


b. 1986, HK.

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I’m a UX Researcher and UI Designer based in Boston. I am currently looking for opportunities in Boston as well as the Pacific Northwest. I’m passionate about many areas of design and I especially enjoy designing for mobile. My background in music gives me a unique perspective on many aspects of design, especially iconography and empathy.

why you should hire a musician:

  • I know how to work on a team! Collaboration is essential.

  • Composers know their users - both the musicians playing their work and the audience. 

  • Realizing creative vision requires the acquisition of new skills. From construction to coding - flexibility is key!

  • Composing requires self-regulation and critique - meeting deadlines without sacrificing creative output!

I would love to hear from you - whether you’re a fellow designer, a hiring recruiter or even just want to ask me a question - don’t hesitate to reach out!